I must say I liked this one the most.

Testing out new layers.

I’m lost.

I was going to post during Närcon.. And I did the first day. Then we noticed the battery on our laptop was more or less dead the second day.

Oh well.

Dragon Valley.

Dragon Valley.

23/7 - 27/7.

Long story short: I’m going away for a couple of days to see the Harry Potter exhibition in Norrköping, and then I’m going to Närcon in Linköping.

But I will still post though, since I have Wi-fi.

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I really need to pack.

Turn me now, hold me now.


Oh man. This shirt. I was not sure if I wanted to try it out on Miranda or Remus first, but since it’s pretty late and Mirandas’ save file takes like four days to load, Remus had to model.

Hair - Shirt - Pants - Shoes 

tumblr finally let me post this.

Ziwa Bonde.

i dont know how long time i spent re-sizing this image

She will probably be ready soon. Just did some minor changes.

Now I just gotta find all the things i’ve used, yay!

Ziwa bonde, before the sun have risen above the mountains. 

Can I marry this world? The villages are like, wonderful.

I saw this hair today and thought; wow, this would really fit this sim I have laying around in my bin.

I kind of hate love her. She looks too cute, but her brows is to die for.


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"Why do you always take this train? It looks like someone lives here.. And smells like something died here too.”

"It’s private. No kids, no teenagers who play their music on the highest volume, no old ladies wanting to start a conversation.. Oh, and the guy name’s Steve.


The guy who lives here.